1) Framing your subject correctly

Framing is about lining up subject correctly in your view frame—but you have to be aware of more than that. You also need to be aware of what’s in the background, or you might find your photo contains something very distracting. (No one wants a photo of the bride with a trash can in the background.)

Make sure you’re not accidentally cutting off something vital in your photo by not framing correctly—like someone’s head!


Poor guy got decapitated!





There’s two options on most cameras to make sure your photos are framed correctly.

A)The live view screen on the back of your camera (you may have to push a button to activate it.) This can be a really helpful tool to look over everything in the background of your scene before you press the shutter.

B) The view finder window. Because this is so small, it’s easy to overlook distractions in the background. Take a test shot first to make sure everything looks good before you proceed.

But whichever option you choose, make sure you get everything (and everyone) inside the frame of your photo. If you can’t get everything you want in your photo, you may need to change positions yourself, and/or move your subject if possible.