4 Creative Tricks Using the EV Setting on Your Camera

4 Creative Tricks Using the EV Setting on Your Camera

exposure compensation

What’s the EV setting anyway? EV stands for Exposure Value (also commonly called “exposure compensation.”) The camera doesn’t always get exposure right–so you can increase or decrease the exposure of your photos up or down a few stops with this feature. You’ll see the setting indicated on your camera by a symbol similar to the one above.

Take a test shot. If the shot looks under or overexposed, you can quickly adjust the exposure up or down via the EV setting without needing to fiddle with other settings like ISO.

But the exposure compensation feature on your camera isn’t just a quick fix for exposure problems.

You can also deliberately use the EV setting to create interesting and artistic effects.

5 Composition Tips to Make Your Photos Pop

5 Composition Tips to Make Your Photos Pop

causeway-housen copy

If you want to make a big difference in the quality of your photos, you need to think about how to compose your photo before you press the shutter button. Composition is all about thinking about how to put the visual elements of your photo together in the most pleasing way. By following a few simple composition rules, you’ll create much more engaging images.

When you’re a new photographer, learning these simple rules will help you take better photos. You may want to capture a scene and be unsure how to approach it to get the best photo possible. But when you have some composition guidelines in mind, it makes it a lot easier to take a great shot, even if you’re a novice.


Maine Covered Bridge

One of the awesome covered bridges in Maine. This covered bridge is in Fryeburg Maine, and I was able to get this photo a day before they closed the access road to it because of the winter conditions.